Art In Detail

Audi A6

Audi A6 The car looked exactly like a 12-year-old vehicle that had never received any form of protection. The paint had lost its shine, and the effects of years of neglect were clearly visible. Its new owner opted for the following range of services: Interior detailing Detailing wash and paint decontamination Dent removal in the […]

Lamborghini Aventador SV

Lamborghini Aventador SV Despite having a “ceramic coating” applied elsewhere, it was at Art In Detail that its servicing was carried out. The car had several areas with missed ceramic coating, which is unacceptable for a car of this class. We decided together with the owner to enhance the overall condition of the car during […]

Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion A car imported from the United States, this vehicle had been in continuous use by the owner and their large family for many years. After this time, it required a significant amount of work, including: Thorough interior detailing Cleaning and polymer coating protection for the leather upholstery Detailing wash and paint decontamination Sanding […]

Ferrari F430

Ferrari F430 The car from a private collection required preparation for an upcoming event. We aimed for a quick protection and refresh of the vehicle. There was no need for paint correction, and a ceramic coating was unnecessary since the car spends most of the year in the garage. The owner opted for: Basic interior […]

Seat Leon Cupra

Seat Leon Cupra The owner’s private car at Art in Detail required a light refresh of the paint coating and protection for approximately one year. The service includes: Interior detailing cleaning Detailing wash and paint decontamination Single-stage paint polishing Paint protection with a polymer wax Wheel protection with a polymer wax Previous Next

DS7 Crossback

DS7 Crossback The car, acquired by its second owner, required thorough protection. The service included: Interior detailing cleaning Detailing wash and paint decontamination Single-stage polishing 3-year ceramic paint protection Protection of piano black elements with clear protective film Protection of the central console screen with a matte clear protective film Hydrophobic coating on all windows […]